These women's leather wallets were not slapped together in a hurry. Each wallets was designed by Suzette Munson to be useful, smooth and to look good too. Zippers are used when necessary, but they are a special Spanish Zipper to keep the wallet closing for decades of use. And each women's wallet was made with the strongest and most resistant leather on the market. If you are looking for a quality wallet, we spared no expensive to give it to you.

Full Grain Leather Wallets for Women

We use full-grain leather for our women's wallets because it is the hide's strongest and longest-lasting part. The grain is the tough outer layer that is filled with natural oils that make it resistant to water and other elements. It is also the most expensive part of the hide, but we use only the best for our designs, so it fits.

A Full Grain Leather Wallet is Different Than a Genuine Leather Wallet

Full grain leather is the highest quality of leather available. It has not been sanded, shaved, or buffed to remove imperfections like scars or brand marks. Instead, the grain is left intact, making it the toughest and most water-resistant part of the hide. Genuine leather is just a name for a product with leather in it.

The Genuine Leather Trick

It could be full-grain, top-grain, or split-grain leather, but if it says genuine, you can bet your bottom dollar it is the cheap stuff. Would you advertise your Mercedes as "a car with wheels for sale"? No, you would put "A Mercedes for sale" See, this allows them to sell something like bonded leather as genuine. It should be illegal, but it isn't; you just have to know.

What is a Bonded Leather Wallet?

A bonded leather wallet is just that, leather that has been glued or bonded together, sometimes with PVC or other plastics. It is made from leftover pieces of leather that are too small to use for anything else, as well as leather dust. It falls apart easily and is not as water-resistant as full-grain or even top-grain leather. We don't sell bonded leather products because they don't last.

Top Grain Leather vs. Full Grain Leather - Which is better?

Top-grain leather has had the grain sanded away to remove imperfections. It is better than genuine leather, but it is nowhere near as good as full grain leather. Full grain leather is the best you can get and will last much longer than top-grain. It is more expensive for us, but it is worth it in the long run. It is the only way we can offer such an incredible 100-year warranty on our women's wallets.

Pigskin-lined because Women's Wallets can Be Tough Too

Most of our wallets for women are lined with pigskin because it is stronger and more durable than leather. Pigskin is also a lighter shade than leather. This is beneficial to see inside in low light conditions since the lighter shade allows the light to reflect inside. This material is also softer than leather and feels super luxurious and protective.

The Best Thread in a Women's Leather Wallet

When they make a parachute, they would not dare use cotton thread or some other thread that will not hold up. Same on a boat sail, when sailing across the pacific, you do not want the thread on your sail to break. So what do you use?

Polyester thread; This stuff is awful to use for underwear or bed sheets, but it makes a perfect thread for things people have to depend on. So when we searched and searched for the strongest thread for our women's wallets, we found polyester threading. This is another part of what allows us to give a 100 year warranty. When other wallets would start giving out, ours is just breaking in. Imagine passing this wallet down to your granddaughter.

From a Small Wallet to a Large Wallet

When you shop for a leather purse or a tote, some women like them large, and some like them small; whether it is your personality, style, or family size, we know everyone is different. That is why we decided to create more than just one style.

From the wristlet to the bear trap coin purse, the crossbody leather pouch, a wallet that can fit your passport, and room for more, you will find the perfect accessory to match your style on our site. It is more than carrying cash; our wallets for women are stylish accessories.

Black to Brown, you chose the color

Some like a woman's brown wallet, some like a women's black wallet, and most of our wallets have around two to four choices of colors for you to pick your preferences.

Leather Wallets for Women Can Be A Perfect Gift

Some leather wallets for women from department stores make average gifts, but Saddleback Leather Co Full Grain Leather Wallets make a gift that will be noticed and remembered.

That special woman, or girl, will carry that wallet in their pocket or wear it just hoping to need to pull some money out. It is the longest-lasting fashion essentials, and they will wear it with a smile. So we looked over all the details to decide what would make people prefer our wallets over some cheap pink wallets you can find in the store.

We Considered Every Aspect for Our Collection of Leather Wallets for Women

We considered everything from the highest quality materials to the look to how easy it goes in and out of your pockets.

The search continues, but as of now, we hear that women always prefer our leather wallets on any occasion. Slim enough to slide in your pockets, durable enough to trust tossing it into your bag, and classic enough to carry and make a fashion statement when shopping.

We Are In The Business Of Making The Best Leather Wallets For Women

From a small purse to a back pocket wallet, to a crossbody, to a wristlet wallet to keep your cash and cards close, people prefer quality, and we took that into account to make the best wallets. Like with our satchels, luggage, and other leather designs you will find on our page, there is no space for low quality here. We only ship the finest leather goods in the World.

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