Big Leather Wallet

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Product Overview

Leather: The reason cashiers and friends will compliment you on this wallet is because the Full Grain leather ages so gorgeously. This wallet was built with full-grain leather. All leather naturally has a grain which is the tough fibers and pores located at the surface of the hide. Some companies shave some or all of the grain off to get rid of any scars (watch how they shave it here minute 6:30) the cow may have gotten in his life. But the grain is the toughest part of the hide and what makes the leather patina so nicely and last so long. When they shave it, it's called top grain leather. When they remove the grain, it's called genuine leather. And they do it so can make a wallet without cutting around any scars which results in a lot of wasted expensive leather. It's why full-grain leather is so expensive.

Lining: We line the wallet completely with pigskin, which is a tougher leather than the cowskin and RFID protected.

Reinforced: And this leather wallet's strap has a hidden strap of tough polyester to keep it from stretching. This is how we can offer a 100-Year Warranty.

Thread: And then we sewed it with our excessively strong marine-grade polyester thread. It's really impressive thread and far more expensive than the typical nylon thread. It's what parachutes and ship sails are sewn with.

The reason you'll compliment us is because of the little details in the design. For instance, when the wallet is closed, I wanted it to be equally thick at the top as it is on the bottom (where all of the credit cards and papers and layers of pockets are stacked). So I put the thick coin purse on the top right to counter the thin top left side. This resulted in two parallel sides to make our leather wallet balanced when it is closed. And a small detail, but a big one; the ID window does not have plastic, which eventually gets cloudy, cracks and then tears apart.

This leather wallet's pen holder can hold thick or standard thickness pens because of the design. Both the coin purse and the main closure have two holes to secure when it's empty or very full. There is an outside pocket to quickly stow away a paper instead of opening the wallet to put them away. And passports fit just fine.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
5" x 9" x 1"
Weight: 1.00 lb