Slim Leather Business Card Holder

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Product Overview


This Slim Leather Business Card Holder is designed to help you close deals. It could be the conversation that starts from your cool looking patinaed card holder that gets you the deal. For business attire clothes it is so small that it’s not noticeable in the front pocket and in the breast pocket of a sut and makes no difference to your look. It’s just thin. It has just one spot on each side to stack 7 business cards or 4 or 5 credit cards on each side. It'll take a couple of days to stretch the leather to fit perfectly all you put in it, but it'll be a custom fit for what you carry. A lot of people use it as a minimalist leather wallet.


Leather- I know it’s just a little leather business card wallet, but there’s no reason to not at least try to make it into the longest lasting leather business card holder in the world. So, we used full grain leather and lined it with pigskin and sewed it with super strong industrial polyester thread. 

Leather- Leather is just like a roof. The protective tough shingles are like the grain on the leather hide, which is only on the top part of the hide. Cheap fly by night companies shave or split the top of the hide off to get rid of scars so they can make more wallets out of the hide. We just cut around the big scars and throw it away. But when they shave off the grain, it’s like them shaving off the shingles off of your roof. The lower layers rot pretty quickly and look trashy in no time. Full-Grain leather is more water-resistant and patinas nicely. It's called Top Grain Leather Wallet when there's still a little of the grain left. We call it Genuine Leather wallet when there is no grain left on the hide. It’s one tough leather business card holder.

Lining- As then we lined this leather business card holder with pigskin, which is tougher than the cow. It's why we feel comfortable offering a 100-year Warranty on a leather wallet.

Thread- We sew the wallet with our high end industrial grade polyester thread. It's the kind of thread they use to sew things like parachutes, sails and other things your life could depend on. I know it’s just a leather business card holder, but we love it.

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Dimensions (W x H x D) 
3" x 3.75" x 0.17"
Weight: 0.10 lbs