Satchels and Toiletry Bags

There is no luck in creating a quality leather satchel or man bag, especially to honor our 100 year warranty. Every detail of the design and materials were considered because even a billion dollar submarine is worthless if it has one cardboard hatch. We used the required materials without considering their cost because a quality leather satchel that lasts 100 years was our objective, not saving a buck here or there.

The Design- There are no breakable parts on any leather satchel like snaps zippers or buttons and all points that get stress are reinforced with rivets or sewn in hidden straps. We use very large pieces of leather when we can because seams are a common point of failure on all satchels large or small. So we have as few seams as possible and sew the man bag with at just 5 stitches per inch so there's more leather between each needle hole to keep it from tearing. 

The Materials- Well...maybe we killed a fly with a shotgun, but we build our leather satchels with very expensive long lasting materials. And they're expensive for a reason. We only use full grain leather, which is the strongest grade there is. And our leather is thicker than boot leather. We glue and sew on pigskin leather (tougher than cowskin) to line the man bag and then we sew the leather together with thick German Polyester double ought industrial thread. Our hardware is maybe the hardest and strongest hardware on any leather satchel available today.

Some say we wasted money by being so excessive, but if their life depended on whether or not their leather satchel didn't fall apart, they'd choose ours. 

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