Front Pocket Leather Satchel

3.00 LBS
11.00 (in)
8.50 (in)
2.50 (in)

Product Overview

This leather satchel is also called by some a Man Bag. And rightly so. It is over-engineered with no breakable parts like snaps, buttons, zippers. velcro etc. and anywhere there is a stress point, it is reinforced with polyester straps and rivets. It's built with just two main pieces of leather so there are fewer seams. And the stitching on this leather satchel is purposeful with only 5 stitches per inch so there's as much leather as possible without it looking weird so it won't be perforated and shortly tear. 

Leather- Our full grain cow leather is the strongest there is. And it's thicker than boot leather. It's not Top Grain or Genuine, but real Full Grain leather. Low quality and life companies shave off their grain, the toughest and most resistant top part of the hide, to get rid of the natural marks of the cow so they don't have to cut around them and throw so much leather away. They can use almost every bit of that hide. To make our leather satchels, we have to throw a lot of leather away because we refuse to shave the grain off. Imagine someone shaving the shingles off of your roof. They'd get arrested and these people should be too. 

Lining- The pigskin lining is stronger than the cow skin and that's why we use it to line our leather satchel instead of some pretty shiny nylon fabric with a neat world map on it. 

Thread- The thread is strangely strong. It's a marine grade UV resistant German thread made of Polyester. It's more expensive than all the other thread but for a reason. When someone's life is on the line, you can depend on it. They sew parachutes, sails  and other important things. If your life ever depends on this leather satchel staying together, you'll live to tell that story because of this thread.

Hardware- Our hardware is custom and it's overkill. People who know told me it's unnecessary and we're wasting money using 316 Stainless Steel, but I tell them that we have never once had a problem with our hardware. It's the metal of choice when your life depends on it.

I chose a buckle closure to be able to overstuff (with a hole at the very tip of the strap, just in case. Or you can put it at the tip of the leather satchel to secure an umbrella under the flap but over the main compartment. And the front pocket under the flap is fantastic for keeping things separate. 

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
8.50" x 11" x 2.50"
Weight: 3 lbs

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