These lightweight leather backpacks did not accidentally happen. They were planned to be this strong and long lasting. Each backpack was designed with simplicity and without a lot of moving parts that can break. The cow leather, there is no stronger or longer lasting leather we could find. And the ones that are lined, are lined with an even stronger pigskin leather to make a backpack out of.

Full Grain Leather Backpacks for Women Made To Last Generations

The natural beauty of full grain leather will go with any outfit, and it just gets better with age. The signature patina that will develop over time is unique to each individual design and adds character and charm. This is a bag that you will be happy to carry and will only get better with time.

Our women's leather backpacks are stylish and timeless, perfect for work, play, or travel. Whether you are shopping for a large or a small backpack, we have the perfect size. Our totes are made from full grain leather and lined with pigskin leather for added strength and durability. Find the perfect one.

Full Grain Leather Backpacks For Women

Full Grain Leather makes the longest-lasting best leather backpacks. Full-grain is the top layer of the hide with all of the grain. The grain is the tough and protective part of the hide. It's what makes a backpack last for generations.

When companies sand or split off the top layer of the hide to get rid of scars, they shave off the grain. The grain is the tough part. They are left with a weaker layer of leather that will not last as long. We would rather cut off the ugly pieces and sacrifice them to make the best-looking full-grain leather backpack.

What is a Genuine Leather Backpack?

The term "Genuine Leather" is typically only used when it is not top grain or full grain. This is after they cut off the top of the hide, you know, so they don't have to throw anything away. This is like a house without shingles; before long, it will fall apart. The part they cut off protects the rest of the leather. It is so stupid, but to them, it is profitable. They can do this and sell it to the department stores for a cheap price because that is what it is; cheap low quality garbage.

Full Grain Leather vs. Top Grain Leather Backpacks

There is a large difference in the quality of these two types of leather. Top grain is the second-best quality you can get, and full grain is the best.

Top grain is made by shaving the very top of the grain off. It sounds smart until you realize that is the most critical part. So instead of having a house with no shingles, it is like having a home with a tarp instead. Sure, it might keep out some rain for a little while, but it won't last. The same goes for your backpack. It will look nice for a little bit, but it won't last like a full grain leather backpack.

Pigskin Lining in our Backpacks

If there is lining used in our bags, chances are we used pigskin. Pigskin is a very strong and durable lining for backpacks. It is often used in making footballs because it can take the abuse of being thrown around and kicked. If it can stand up to that, it can stand up to anything you throw at it in your backpack.

Pigskin is also lighter in shade than leather. This is beneficial to see inside in low light conditions since the lighter shade allows the light to reflect inside. This material is also softer than leather and feels super luxurious and protective.

What Polyester Thread Is Used In Our Backpacks?

Our polyester thread in our backpacks is a high-quality, industrial-strength thread. It is made to withstand years of abuse and keep your backpack together. See, why start going cheap on the thread when you use fine materials in everything else in a design? Polyester thread is the same type of thread that is used in making parachutes and sails for boats. It can take a serious beating and keep going. Designed to be trusted with people's lives on the line, so we thought it would be perfect for your women's backpack.

316 Stainless Steel Hardware

If our backpack design calls for hardware, we will use the best. We looked at what is used for medical surgical instruments, and marine grade hardware. We wanted the strongest and most corrosion resistant metal that we could find. That leads us to 316 Stainless Steel. The only thing stronger is John 3:16. This is an alloy that will last for more than decades. It is also rated at 750 pounds. I am not exactly sure what kind of load you might hang off of your backpack over 750 pounds, but if you do, you are one heck of a strong woman.

Your Choice of Colors

We realize not every woman wants a tobacco brown backpack, so we have a few other options. We have a black backpack, chestnut, and dark coffee brown. Some of our collection does not have all those options, and some even have a couple of other options. I am sure when you click around, you will find it easy to pick your perfect styles.

Versatile For Any Occasion

From going on vacation to the office or shopping, these backpacks can hold much more than just a purse or handbag. We have found many of our customers replaced their purses with our backpacks for going out. Of course, there is a perfect time and place for your leather purse, leather tote, or satchel, but if you want to carry more than the essentials that you can fit in your purse, these are for you. As you shop above, look over the details of these bags. You will absolutely be blown away at the quality and size variations.

Get Noticed

It's ok to get noticed. When you take one of these off your back, remember plenty of people will take notice. You will learn this, and everyone will want to know where to order such a fine leather good. Be sure to send them to Saddleback Leather Co. If you are shy, it is ok; this will help you improve that. As people come to you with admiration, it will be easy to chat with them.

Know That You Are Supporting North American Made Products

When you go to the department store, you see that little stamp or sticker letting you know someone made that product that did not want to. It is sad to know that that type of labor exists, but unfortunately, that giant manufacturing-focused thieving country across the pacific does not have any standards. As long as we, as Americans, keep buying their items, they will do whatever it takes to keep making them as fast as possible. It is the sort of thing we can fix, but we must search for and discover any sign that the item was made over there. And we must join together and stop the delivery of more by not buying it. We can all choose to send a clear message. When we work together, we can make a change. Labor should be a choice, not a prison sentence for a bible study.

Handmade Leather Bags

When we make our leather bags and other leather goods, we do not just feed our leather into some machine and hit a button. There are real people behind it. People that want to be making your new Women's Backpack. They care about their handiwork, and it shows. These guys (and gals) have a lot of experience, some having worked with leather for decades. No machine can ever replace the love of a human being. The little details make our backpacks better than any you will find in a department store.

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