5 Pocket Weatherproof Canvas Backpack

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Product Overview

canvas backpack in Australia with a kangaroo

The Canvas Quality
We use the best materials we could find: Super-tough 24 oz. waxed canvas from Scotland, old bull leather, marine-grade polyester thread (the kind used on ship sails), marine-grade stainless 316 steel, and copper rivets pounded by hand. Two side pockets of the canvas backpack with secure and quick access pad eye closure. Two tall front canvas pockets can be folded forward, or tucked behind the pocket for extra security. All four exterior pockets have hidden slot pockets behind them for extra storage. Interior canvas backpack panel pocket along the back can hold a tablet or small laptop. Roomy, wide-open interior is big enough for a weekend in the mountains. The main flap has two pad eye closures with 3 adjustment slots. Thick old bull leather drawstring closure. Sewn leather tabs above each side pocket for lashing gear or clipping a carabiner. Hand-riveted old bull leather panel along the back and bottom for strength and structure. Sturdy old bull leather grab handle lays flat when the canvas backpack is not being used. Adjustable leather shoulder straps designed for comfort on a wide range of body types. All rivets and grommets reinforced with extra thick old bull leather for extremely high tear resistance at all stress points.

To be noted:
Waxed canvas is the original water resistant fabric, and comes with the attendant charms and quirks of being a centuries-old technology. In the young days of your bag, you may experience slight wax transfer from the canvas to any particularly absorbent contents in the bag (such as paper, etc). It is recommended that these contents are kept in a case while in the bag. Something to keep in mind as the bag breaks in.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
Exterior: 13" x 16.25" x 4.75"
Interior: 12" x 14" x 4.75"
Weight: 6 lbs


(23 reviews) Write a Review

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    Rolls Royce among backpacks

    The best backpack I have ever had! Strong, wear-resistant material, leather straps, a special design that catches the eye. I am often asked where I bought it, and then they write down contacts. The backpack is almost perfect, but there are also disadvantages ... this is the weight, there is nowhere to go from this. Quality fabric and thick leather, weigh a lot. Good luck Saddleback! It's a pity that I can no longer make an order to my country ((I hope this is temporary..

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    Four Inches for Perfection

    I love this backpack. I love the pad eye closures. I love the mix of canvas and heavy leather. I love the quality construction. I love it so much that the one flaw glares at me. With a thirteen inch laptop in a padded case, the laptop sticks out an inch or so above the rim of the Canvas. I wish the laptop was below the rim; as it is now, everything is functional and works and the flap covers the laptop and holds it securely. However, if my employer ever hands me a fifteen inch laptop, I would have to switch to a different bag, and I would hate that after making such a large investment and loving this backpack so much. Mr. Munson, can you do a 2.0 version or an XL version of this pack that would hold larger laptops? I believe another four to six inches taller would do the trick and be the perfect bag for laptops of most standard sizes.

  • 5
    Tough and beautiful

    I'm already an owner of at least five other Saddleback products so that'll tell you something about how much I rate them! This is another tough, beautiful item. A bit heavier than I expected but it's clearly going to last until my descendants have devolved back into angry simians fighting over it in the ruins of post-apocalyptic Tokyo.

  • 2
    Hi Dave, sorry for the

    Hi Dave,

    sorry for the late reply. i prefer to call but i guess no number for me to call. Honestly, i am not satisfied with the bag. First is heavy and the front pockets are deep. is not what i am looking for. I like to return the bag and look of one of your collection that will suit my need.
    thank you.
    Vincent Ferrer

  • 5
    I was hesitant in getting

    I was hesitant in getting this backpack because it was out stock for while; I just purchased the Big Mouth SBL Backpack. I really like both! So, I'm keeping both. I'm