Simple Trifold Leather Wallet

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Product Overview

Our full-grain leather wallets are designed and built with the strongest and longest-lasting leather we can get our hands-on. Leather is like a roof. The protective and tough shingles are like the grain of the leather which is only on the top part of the hide. Below there are protective layers of tar paper and plywood, but without the shingles, those layers will fall apart in no time. Most factories buy leather for their wallets that have had the scars and blemishes shaved off (watch how they shave it here minute 6:30) so they don't have to cut around them and throw that leather in the trash. They save so much money, but when they shave off the scars, they shave off the tough protective grain too. They took the shingles off the roof and it's going to be a trashy looking wallet in a short time. Full-Grain leather gets a nice rich patina and is really water-resistant. It's a Top Grain Leather Wallet when there's still a little of the grain left. It's called a Genuine Leather wallet when there is no grain left on the leather. It's why our full-grain leather wallets are so expensive and it's why you'll get complimented on your wallet. Full-Grain leather ages and darkens very nicely.

As if the full-grain leather wasn't enough, we lined this wallet with pigskin, which is tougher than the cow. It's why we feel comfortable offering a 100-year Warranty on a leather wallet. And then we sew the wallet with our top of the line industrial grade polyester thread. It's the thread they use to sew things that absolutely can't fail like parachutes and sails. If your life needs to depend on something, you'll want that something to be sewn with our thread. But this is just a wallet.

This Trifold Wallet is designed to stay flat, with both sides parallel. I did that by not having several slots to pack your cards in from top to bottom, but rather three individual pockets that you can stack your cards inside of. With this design, the wallet also stays thinner because there isn't a layer of leather between each card. That's significant and your chiropractor will thank you for getting this wallet.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
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Dimensions (W x H) 
3.75" x 4"
Weight: 0.10 lbs