Grandfather Backpack Case

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Product Overview

The Leather Grandfather Backpack Case is the only one in the world that we know of. They'll definitely fight over this one when you're dead.

I once saw someone convert an old hard sided briefcase into a backpack many years ago, and it really caught my eyes. So, when I started designing the Leather Grandfather Collection, I knew right away that I wanted to make the Leather Grandfather Backpack Case.

I designed it to be versatile. It can be carried as a backpack with the shoulder straps (Leather Backpack Tube Pads are included), or as a briefcase by the comfortable padded carry handle. There is also another padded carry handle on the top, like you would see on most other backpacks, the ones you have to replace all the time.

The back side is padded so that while carrying it in backpack mode you have some cushion between your back and the case.

On the inside of the lid we sewed on two huge pockets, 9” high x 7” wide to be exact. The hinge is also made from leather, so it’ll never wear or deteriorate.

Leather - When it comes to leather, most other companies will shave a layer off the top of the leather hides in order to get rid of scars or blemishes. This is completely absurd, for two main reasons:
1) The top layer of the hide is the strongest, most durable layer on the hides. It’s like the shingles on the roof of your home. You wouldn’t take the shingles off your roof and expect your home to stand up through storm season, so we don’t take the “shingles” off our leather.
2) A lot of times there is beautiful character on the hides like scars and stretch marks. By shaving off that top layer, the full grain, you're erasing the uniqueness that hide carries. We don’t do that.

Lining - The entire inside is lined with soft, light-colored pig skin, which is much stronger than cow hides. We use a light color because it reflects light better so it's easier to see the contents inside. 

Thread - Everything is sewn together using the strongest thread you can imagine. It is a marine grade polyester thread, which is UV resistant and will not deteriorate over time. This is the same stuff used on ship sails and parachutes…. things your life depends on. If it holds those things together, you can be confident your leather Grandfather Backpack Case will last at least 100 years. We are.

Hardware - We only use 316 Stainless Steel hardware which we have load tested and are sure that it will hold up to way more weight than you could even fit inside the case. Here are a few facts about the hardware we use, if you’re not already convinced:
It remains stronger at elevated temperatures than other types of Stainless Steel.
It’s corrosion resistant.
It has excellent pitting resistance.
The austenitic structure gives it excellent toughness, even in cryogenic temperatures.

Product Details

  • 100-Year Warranty
  • 14.5”W  x  17.25”H x 6”D (OUTSIDE, including carry handles)
  • 12”W  x  14.75”H  x  4.75”D (INSIDE)
  • Pockets: 7”W x 9”H
  • Weight: 9 lbs.

What It Fits
13” - 16” MacBook Pro 
Large Leather Portfolio
Large Leather 3 Ring Binder
Soft Leather Planner Cover
iPad Pro


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Unique Backpack = Briefcase

    I added this to my growing collection of hard cases from SBL. The size, to me, is perfect as a briefcase (it's not far off from the 18" grandfather briefcase and this will fit my macbook and other business stuff)... and it will be great as a personal item for under the seat on planes. The construction is rock solid as always and the interior is surprisingly luxurious. SBL isn't cheap but it's an incredible value. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Functional, durable, art

    I had really high expectations for this backpack -- they were exceeded. This backpack case strikes the difficult balance between durability, quality and beauty. And damn, it smells great. Even when it's just sitting somewhere it's a piece of art. This was my first Saddleback purchase and I'm already hooked

  • 5
    A functional work of art!

    Amazing craftsmanship in a functional bag which I use to carry my work laptop and accessories. I've received a ton of compliments on this bag. I often carry it half empty as well! Most times I sling it on one shoulder and even find it more comfortable that using the carrying strap when I carry my 15" grandfather case. A must have!

  • 5
    The best case for the money!! Period!

    The Backpack case is a piece of art. The quality is outstanding! The case size is perfect for files, iPads, or any laptop you chose to carry. I’m very happy with the purchase and I would buy it again.