Slim Leather Card Wallet

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Designing The Best Leather Card Wallet

I can carry any leather wallet I want for free. After all, I own hundreds of wallets because I own the company. And of all of the Leather Wallets that I have ever designed, I think this one is my very favorite. Of course, I use all of the wallets to test them out, but when I designed the slim Leather Card Wallet, I put my old faithful Front Pocket ID leather wallet away and have been using this leather wallet ever since.  

A Flat Leather Wallet is a Minimalist Wallet

To keep it as flat as possible, I thoughtfully designed this minimalist wallet with the top and side unsewn so cash folds and then slides in easily. It is also easy to open up and choose the bills you want without pulling out the entire stack of bills. Then along the bottom, I left the wallet mostly unsewn so the cash could sink past where the stitching would typically be and a little further to the bottom edge. But with just enough stitching so the cash can't fall out of the bottom. It took a long time to design this minimalist wallet just right like that. And everybody loves this leather wallet. 

This is a great card holder since each card slot holds four or five cards when you add them as the leather stretches. Give it a couple of days to stretch out the card holders enough to carry that many cards, and you'll thank me. There is a single card slot on each side. 

I also designed it with a Radio Frequency ID blocking material between the lining and the leather to stop thieves from scanning the wallet in your pocket and stealing your identity.  


When making a leather wallet to last, you do not want to go cheap on the materials. That brought you here because you know we are all about quality craftsmanship with quality materials. We want our leather designs to last, and the leather wallets get alot of use. So without question, we put high quality material into making the Leather Card Wallet.

Full Grain Leather Wallets

Bank tellers compliment you on your leather wallet because it's built of nothing less than full grain leather, so it ages way more richly. However, don't be alarmed if the teller calls the bank manager to see it. Full grain does that because it still has all of the pores on it. Lesser leather wallet companies remove the pores and grain; therefore, the oil and dirt don't sink in as nicely, and the sun doesn't tan the leather. 

Know the difference: Full Grain Leather Wallet and Genuine Leather Wallet

Knowing the difference between full grain and top grain or genuine or split leather wallets is essential. A hide of leather is a lot like a roof of a house. A roof is thick, but the top layer of shingles is the strongest and most protective. The rugged "shingles" of leather is the thin layer of grain on the hide's surface. But low level leather wallet makers shave the top layer off to get rid of icky scars, so they don't have to cut them out and throw that expensive and precious leather away. Forget giving people something that will last for years and years. It's just pure shortsighted business. But in doing so, they're shaving the shingles off of your house. How terrible is that? They neuter the leather and take away its leatherhood, the tough quality that leather is known for.

Only The Best Leather for our Leather Card Wallet

We only use leather that has the FULL amount of the grain (full grain). When they remove some of the grain, it's called top grain leather. When they sand or split ALL of the grain off, they call it genuine or split leather. A full grain leather wallet isn't ordinary, and it isn't the cheapest option either.

Lining our Leather Wallets-

Instead of using a thin shiny pretty nylon fabric, we lined the leather wallet with pigskin, which is tougher than the cow skin. Adding both together creates a synergy of strength and class. This is why we can confidently offer a 100-year Warranty on our leather wallets.

Thread in our Leather Wallets-

We sewed this leather wallet with a great German marine-grade polyester continuous filament thread. It's as strong and resistant of a thread as there is. It's actually what they sew ship sails and parachutes with. If your life depends on your card wallet holding together, you'll want it to depend on ours. It's more expensive to sew a leather wallet with this over the common nylon thread, but your wallet will last way longer. Seems like the right thing to do.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
RFID Blocker Built In

Dimensions (H x W x D)
4" x 2.75" x 0.25"
Weight: 0.15 lbs

Minimalist Wallets are better than a Money Clip

With a money clip, sure, you can hold some folded bills. But when you think about it, anywhere you are carrying some cash; you also need at least your ID and a few credit cards. So it makes sense for a simple leather card wallet with a cash compartment that securely holds a few folded bills of cash and a card holder all in one. This minimalist design is durable and a great alternative to other wallets if you are the type that does not carry a lot. The RFID protection adds that level of security comfort for the credit cards in your card slots.

RFID Protection is Important

Today, knowledge is easy to come by, but wisdom and morals are not. It is effortless to learn how to steal data, but not easy to learn morals and wisdom that you shouldn't. These people will try to read the RFID chips in your credit cards without you knowing. Even worse, they won't even feel guilty for emptying your account or possibly stealing your ID information. So, having an RFID blocker in your wallet is essential to protect you from these morally bankrupt people.

Color Options on All Our Wallets

Just like all our wallets, you can get a black card wallet or 3 options of brown card wallets. For the brown wallet options, you can get tobacco color (Tan - Light Brown), chestnut (Reddish Brown), or dark coffee brown. Some people know what they want, they won't carry anything but a black wallet, while some must have a tobacco color wallet that'll give the message that they are easygoing extroverts. The choice is yours, but don't overthink it. Get a couple of different colors and give one as a gift to your new best friend.

A Wallet Fits Perfectly in your Front Pocket

When you are shopping for a new wallet that'll be a card holder, has a cash pocket, and fits nicely in your front pocket, as well as minimalist functionality, shop no more. You found it; call off the search. The best leather card wallet is right here. And no one knows what is in your pockets with this non-bulky design. Durability to last your lifetime and a more than fair price for the material and craftsmanship used. Discover a new style of leather wallets with this leather card wallet that so many call the best minimalist wallet money can buy. You won't find the quality of these leather wallets in any store.

Warranty Information

100 Year Warranty on all faulty materials or craftsmanship.


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  • 5
    Slim yet sturdy

    Never use wallets because they feel too bulky in my pocket but this is the perfect size - just enough for about 4 cards and some cash, which is all I usually carry. Nice quality leather, too.

  • 5

    Finally a perfect wallet. Fits my license, the cards I need & keeps my cash secure. A great wallet, my favorite.

  • 5
    I have purchased numerous leather

    I have purchased numerous leather products from this company. They have lasted for years and years. Fantastic stuff.

  • 4
    A bit awkward to get

    A bit awkward to get cash in and out

  • 5
    I love this wallet. I

    I love this wallet. I was using a hard sided type, but the card were very hard to extract, and I had cash between the cards which was even worse. it's easy to get CC out and get cash from the middle pocket. love that leather smell!!